PDK with extremely high attention, give your privacy and protecting your privacy. In our privacy statement, contains the terms and conditions and implementation rules, and also covers all the features you can select the information gathering methods and how your information is what we use.


Visitors to the site will automatically record of the domain name and IP address, this information is not used to identify individuals, and is only used to record the process of computer to access the website. Data is used to record cover web site on the Internet, through the traffic analysis can help us better understand how the site is used, also can improve our service. We won't be in this way to record a particular user.


For convenience and shortcut information transmission, PDK web site may provide chain links to a third party. If you point these links, you will leave the PDK website. PDK not to manage the website's privacy policy, third party sites may collect your personal information. We will not make any comment on third party sites, also not accept any liability for the third party web site. We hope you can carefully before submitting your information to identify the recipient.



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