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 January 8-10, 2016, Drift Competition 2016 Machong Grand Prix that involves drivers from Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao was held in Motorsport Base Machong, Dongguan. This event attracted 16 teams in total such as PDK Chefuzi Drift, Drift.HK, Macau Drift Association, ZC Rubber West Lake Tyre Drift, Xmen Drift Team, Guangdong Supiao Drift, Hengxingshe Drift, S.M.A Drift and foreign drivers, with active participation of totally 29 drivers.


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Said Mr. Shaohua Zhang, called the No. 1 Drift Driver of China, that world-class drift drivers will all be there, including those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Malaysia, Morocco etc. (Shaohua Zhang, first left below)


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Event points A, B two groups of freedom, the second and final qualifying several stages. The event set top three champions league runner-up, etc, and "best driver award", "best white smoke", "best body design", "the most popular teams," award for "best Angle", a total of more than 10 awards. On January 10, the finals will be held in the afternoon and the award ceremony. Appearances for the dongguan team: one of the three slips PDK car teacher team battle, including driver Luo Jihui, Shang Jiang marina, summer HouHuiXuan respectively obtained "best driver award". (below from left to right are summer HouHuiXuan, Shang Jiang marina, Luo Jihui)



PDK establishment slips car teacher team to less than a month, the preliminary but has made three "best driver award". According to the team founder wen-bo liu, PDK slips car teacher team is actively preparing for the next Chinese car drift championship. Slips (PDK car teacher the team a total of four racing team, team captain Luo Jihui is a drift technology for over 10 years, the driver, were often in competition promotion 3. (below left the PDK team founder wen-bo liu)



The roaring motors, diffuse smoke, two car chase, sometimes close, sometimes far away. The stands wore masks the audience an eyelash, afraid of the car in the collision in a twinkling, but this scene is not performed.

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This is yesterday OptionFans ma chung drift grand prix. Modified vehicles like drift palms in the toy car, manipulate easily. See will hit the tyre barrier, but would always come just in time to hear the noise of brakes, which are associated with diffuse smoke. Smoke to cover, the car can't see where the car was, but the roar of the motor did not stop.



Different from the general timing racing, car drift is the driver of corners turning technology and control techniques for the car, run fast is not absolute standard to win their car, run cool is the key to win the game. In qualifying, the referee on the car speed, Angle, fluency, and smoke ability scores.


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