• PDK PSF-202
    It meets the needs of power steering system of VW Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Saab, Hyundai Kia, Ford, Volvo and etc. 1 L bottle:
    Performance: PDK PSF–202 is a full synthetic low viscosity power steering fluid specially formulated for use in a wide range of European high-end automotive. This grade provides super high viscosity index which improves effectively working efficiency of steering system, excellent low temperature start-up enabling smooth operation of power steering system, outstanding protection against wear that is suitable for operation during extreme arduous conditions and temperatures, and ensures long term trouble free operation.
    Low Viscosity
    Color: Green
    Manufacturer Part Number:
    =>Mercedes Benz A000 989 24 03
    =>BMW 83 19 2 179 990
    =>Saab 93160548
    =>Audi/VW G004 000 M2
    =>Land Rover LRN00341
    =>Volvo 1161529
    =>Porsche 000 043 206 56
    It meets the needs of power steering system of VW Buick, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai Kia, Mazda, as well as domestic vehicles.1 L bottle:
    Performance: PDK PSF–III is a premium power steering fluid that meets the requirements of power steering system for American, Japanese and South Korean and domestic vehicles. This grade provides excellent protection against wear and sheer stability, outstanding oxidation stability compatible with a wide range of seal materials, exceptional low temperature fluidity enabling smooth operation during arduous conditions.
    High Viscosity
    Color: Red
    Manufacturer Part Number:
    =>Chrysler MS-9602
    =>Ford M2C195-A
    =>GM 89021184
    =>Hyundai / Kia PSF-3
    =>Nissan PSF-II
    =>Subaru K0209A0080
    =>Toyota 008886-01
    =>Mercedes Benz A000 989 88 03
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