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January 8-10, 2016, Drift Competition 2016 Machong Grand Prix that involves drivers from Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao was held in Motorsport Base Machong, Dongguan. This event attracted 16 teams in total such as PDK Chefuzi Drift, Drift.HK, Macau Drift Association, ZC Rubber West Lake Tyre Drift, Xmen Drift Team, Guangdong Supiao Drift, Hengxingshe Drift, S.M.A Drift and foreign drivers, with active participation of totally 29 drivers.


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Said Mr. Shaohua Zhang, called the No. 1 Drift Driver of China, that world-class drift drivers will all be there, including those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Malaysia, Morocco etc. (Shaohua Zhang, first left below)


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This event is divided into groups A and B of free qualifying session, qualifying session and finals. More than 10 awards is set for the first, second, third place driver including The Best Driver, The Best White Smoke, The Best Body Design, The Most Popular Team, The Best Angle. Finals and awards ceremony were hold in the afternoon January 10. Three drivers from PDK Chefuzi Drift, one of the teams on behalf of Dongguan, entered the finals, among which Luo Qihui, Tang Qiangbin, Xia Hou Weixuan were awarded with the Best Driver. (From left to right Xia Hou Weixuan, Tang Qiangbin, Luo Qihui)





It has been less than a month from the formation of PDK Chefuzi Drift to its first participation in competition; however, this team has achieved a good performance with three prizes of Best Driver. This team is preparing actively for the next drift championship of China. (PDK Chefuzi Drift consists of 4 drivers, Luo Qihui, captain of the team, is a driver with more than ten years of drift experience, with third place several times in competitions)(Second left, Wenbo Liu, founder of PDK Chefuzi Drift team)





With roaring engine and full of smoke, two cars are chasing with each other, sometimes near, sometimes far away. Audience wearing a mask on stands was staring, afraid of collision at the moment of turning, which didn’t happen though.


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This is the scene of Machong Drift Grand Prix. Drivers droved the refitted vehicles freely just like the toy in hand. Harsh brake can always be heard in a timely manner at the moment of hitting the guardrail and thick smoke followed. The car is covered by the smoke and cannot be located with non-stop roaring engine.



Unlike the normal time trial, vehicle drift competition focuses on the skills of turning around a curve and of control in racing, fast driving is not the absolute standard of winning, high performance driving is the key to win. In qualifying, the referee will score in speed, angle, line as well as smoke.


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