Through years of development, UK PDK Synthetic Lubricating Oil Limited has now become one of the world's major manufacturers of automatic transmission fluid, as well as the largest and most professional producer of automatic transmission oil in the UK.


PDK has become one of the world's most important suppliers of automatic transmission fluid, with cutting-edge technology, innovative spirit and high quality products and services. PDK provides customers with a wide range of automatic transmission oil and excellent solution. Our products encompass automatic transmission fluid, manual transmission fluid, differential fluid, power steering fluid, transfer case fluid, electronic clutch fluid, meeting requirements of 98% vehicles equipped with MT, AT, CVT, DSG, DCT, meanwhile meets a vast variety of market demands.


Focusing on market trends and product quality is the purpose of operation. Our products are scientifically formulated and manufactured, and tested and approved by an advanced laboratory. Our products meet a wide range of certifications: including the United States GM DEXRON-VI, Mercedes-Benz MB 236.14, Mercedes-Benz MB236.15, Chrysler ATF +4, Ford ATF LV, and Japan JSAO 1A.


PDK’s strategic globalization is committed to deepening and expanding the multinational businesses, at present bases of research & development and production are established all over the world, such as base in London, UK; in Richmond, USA; in Tokyo, Japan and in Zhangjiagang, China etc. We have established a global network covering production, sales and service, providing a full range of automatic transmission fluid and excellent solutions. PDK has always been a leader in the field of automatic transmission fluid, and is evolving under the development strategy of globalization.

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